These books started with a bored kid. My daughter Lia told me one day that she found ancient Egypt boring. Egypt? Boring? Nooooo! I set out to write a funny, exciting, informative book about ancient Egypt. Bill Slavin brought the story to life with hilarious comic-book art, and the next thing we knew, we had created the Binkertons — three ordinary kids who happen to live near an extraordinary travel agency. The Good Times Travel Agency specializes in time travel, and when the Binkertons step through its doors, anything can happen.

These books are published in Canada and the U.S. by Kids Can Press and have also been published in the U.K., Denmark, China, Korea, and Taiwan.

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Adventures in Ancient Egypt

It's 2500 B.C., and the Binkerton kids are knee-deep in the Nile! Josh is drafted to help build a pyramid, while his sisters face crocodiles, tomb robbers and a nasty case of sunburn.

Parents' Choice Awards, Recommended Winner, 2000
Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice List, Starred Selection

"The guide are written in breezy style, paying just enough attention to the grosser aspects of each civilization to help maintain interest. Slavin's sunny pen-and-in and watercolour illustrations are packed with details. Kids are sure to devour these lively books." School Library Journal

"Bailey delivers not only a fast-paced story but also a fun way to convey information about Egyptian lifestyles, religion and schools. The busy cartoon illustrations support both the fiction and the facts." Booklist

Adventures in the Middle Ages

A visit to the Middle Ages sounds like a chance to play knights and princesses, right? Wrong. The Binkertons end up toiling in the fields as peasants. Even castles aren't so hot. In fact, they're freezing!

Winner, Silver Birch Award, Ontario Library Association, 2001
Winner, B.C. Red Cedar Award, 2003
Parents' Choice Awards, Recommended Winner, 2000

"The Binkerton siblings travel back to the Middle Ages in this page-turning story. Their exciting and humorous adventures are blended with carefully research information about this historical period. Great fun and good learning!"   Childhood Education

"Like the Magic School Bus series, this book is packed with good information as well as taking the twins on an amusing adventure."  Winnipeg Free Press

(Look for downloadable activities

(Look for downloadable activities

Adventures with the Vikings

Farm life among the Vikings is pretty dull. But when the Binkertons accidentally stow away on a Viking longship, the excitement ramps up — with storms, seasickness and a Viking raid.

Winner, Atlantic Provinces Hackmatack Award, 2003
Shortlist, Silver Birch Award, Ontario Library Association, 2002
Shortlist, B.C. Red Cedar Award, 2004

"Bailey's humorous presentation of both the Binkertons' adventures and the Viking information is sure to hold young readers' attention and will appeal to reluctant readers."  School Library Journal

"The detailed illustrations, cartoonlike ink drawings with colorful washes, underscore the humorous tone of the story while detailing the material culture of the Vikings."  Booklist


Adventures in Ancient Greece

Time-travel to ancient Greece lands the Binkertons in a scary place — between two lines of warring Greek soldiers. Saved by a truce, the kids visit the Olympic games and end up closer to the action than they'd planned.

Shortlist, Canadian Roundtable Information Award, 2004
Shortlist, Atlantic Provinces Hackmatack Award, 2004

"Bailey and Slavin have created one of those rich partnerships we sometimes are privileged to find in children's literature. This series is as good as the Magic School Bus."  Canadian Materials Magazine

"Boys and girls will love Slavin's colorful, comic illustrations and Bailey's text, which includes many fascinating facts."  Library Media Connection


Adventures in Ancient China

On a visit to ancient China, the Binkertons accidentally find out the Secret of Silk. The penalty? Death! Once again, the kids are on the run — through the Emperor's palace, away to the Silk Road, onto the Great Wall and beyond.

Shortlist, Christie Harris Award (B.C. Book Prizes), 2004
Shortlist, Ontario Silver Birch Award, 2004

"A Tintinesque romp . . . this adventure proves that it is possible to have fun and learn a prodigious amount about an ancient culture at the same time."  Toronto Globe & Mail

"The team of Linda Bailey/writer and Bill Slavin/illustrator is a formidable combination of talents that makes history lessons anything but boring."  Christian Library Journal


Adventures in the Ice Age

Shivering and under-dressed, the Binkertons aren't exactly ready for a visit to the Ice Age. But an early-modern-human girl named Ula helps as they learn to live in a cave, forage for food, and avoid getting eaten by cave lions.

Winner, Atlantic Provinces Hackmatack Award, 2006

"Adventures in the Ice Age and the "Good Times Travel Agency" series remain appealing and unique introductions to social history for any young reader but also for "info-kids" who immerse themselves in specific nonfiction topics and the reluctant reader."  Canadian Materials

"The appeal of these books is in their humour. As they struggle through icy winds, Josh remarks, "Is it too late to change the title to Adventures in Hawaii?" Winnipeg Free Press


© Linda Bailey, 2007
© Art by Bill Slavin, 2007