Exciting Nominations!!!

I am totally thrilled and agog to have books currently nominated for these wonderful awards:

If Kids Ruled the World
   Ontario Blue Spruce Award (2016) -- UPDATE: Yaaaaay! What an honour to WIN on May 17!
   Saskatchewan Shining Willow Award (2016) -- UPDATE: Yaaaaay! What an honour to WIN
      on May 13!

If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur
   Washington State Children's Choice Picture Book Award (2016)
   B.C. Chocolate Lily Award (2016)
   Saskatchewan Shining Willow Award (2017)

When Santa Was a Baby
   Saskatchewan Shining Willow Award (2017)

Seven Dead Pirates
   Canadian Library Association Book of the Year for Children (2016)
   Sheila Egoff Award, B.C. Book Prizes (2016)
   Saskatchewan Diamond Willow Award (2017)
   Atlantic Provinces Hackmatack Award (2017)
   Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award (2017)
   BC Red Cedar Award (2017)

Thank you to the many wonderful and dedicated organizers of these awards. I am honored to be included!

Newest Books

Seven Dead Pirates

The hero of Seven Dead Pirates is 11-year-old Lewis Dearborn. Lonely, "terminally shy" and fussed over constantly by overprotective parents, he's a bit of a wreck. But when his family inherits a ramshackle old mansion by the sea, Lewis's life changes abruptly. He claims a romantic, isolated tower for his bedroom and moves in, not knowing that the room is already occupied ó by seven dead pirates! Not only that, the ghosts expect him to help them recover their ship, now restored in a local museum. Lewis is sure he's the last boy on earth to lead such a mission . . .

Seven Dead Pirates is published by Tundra Books, cover by Dan Holst Soelberg.

"Piratical fun well-stocked with colorful cast members, living and arrghh!"  Kirkus (starred review)

"This rollicking tale moves apace with a vivid setting, surprising depth, great humor, and memorable characters . . . don't miss this treasure of a middle-grade yarn."  School Library Journal (starred review)

"Bailey expertly taps into the anxieties that ferment during the back-to-school season in this touching and hilarious ghost story."  National Post

ďAt times earnest, at times playful, and always infused with the power of imagination, Seven Dead Pirates is a rollicking and exciting story that will entertain and enlighten in equal amounts.Ē  CM Magazine

Stanley at School

The loveable yellow lab is back!

In this sixth book, Stanley is curious about the school on his street. What do the kids do there all day? He gathers his pals, and with Stanley in the lead, they sneak in through the big school doors. All goes well as they discover a room full of LUNCH, and a group of very excited kids. It's too good to last . . . and it doesn't. A high-speed chase takes the dogs through the gym, music room, art room, and finally into ó the principal's office!

Stanley at School is illustrated by Bill Slavin and published by Kids Can Press.

"This dog's-eye view of a day at school will leave readers laughing with delight."  School Library Journal

"Hereís hoping readers feel the same way about school as Stanley does; even if they donít, though, they are sure to laugh at the dogsí adventures. Where will they end up next?"  Kirkus

When Santa Was a Baby

Everybody was a baby once ó even Santa Claus! But what kind of baby was he? And what was he like as a child and a teenager? In When Santa Was a Baby, it becomes clear that Santa knew his own mind from a very young age. From his fondness for the colour red, to his interest in chimneys, to his habit of giving his toys away . . . Santa was unusual right from the start. Luckily he had doting parents who supported him through every eccentricity, whether they understood or not. A warm, funny story about an odd boy who succeeds.

When Santa was a Baby is illustrated by Genevieve Godbout and published by Tundra Books.

"Bailey and Godbout give Santa Claus a backstory in this sweetly funny account, warmly illustrated with soft, nostalgic pencil and pastel artwork . . . The result is a clever take on the Santa myth that develops him as a character with his own thoughts and motivations."  Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

"Heís an unusual baby: a booming voice, an interest in chimneys, a penchant for standing naked in front of the open refrigerator, enjoying the chill . . . With retro-esque art featuring people whose giant black eyes look ever so slightly crazed, itís a sweet, gently satirical answer to the eternal question, How did Santa become Santa?"  New York Times

"Warm, textured pastel and colored-pencil illustrations on generous double-page spreads enrich this gentle, humorous, love-suffused tale."  The Horn Book

If Kids Ruled the World

If Kids Ruled the World
answers the question: what would the world be like if kids were in charge? My nutshell answer? It would be massively more fun.

If kids ruled the world, every day would be your birthday! You would live in castle with a lake in your back yard, complete with your own treasure island. Out front would be your treehouse with a rope ladder to pull up for privacy. All the sidewalks would be trampolines, all the cars would all be ponies, and dinosaurs would live in the park . . .

Most important, this children's utopia would be a place where no one would ever forget how to PLAY! If Kids Ruled the World is Illustrated by David Huyck and published by Kids Can Press.

Winner, Ontario Blue Spruce Award, 2016
Winner, Saskatchewan Shining Willow Award, 2016

"Thanks to the joyful artwork and a text that unapologetically indulges every kidís wish for things like a personal castle and Recess School, this is a surefire winner. Some books are built purely for fun, and this is one of them." School Library Journal

"This warm piece of speculative fiction is tailor-made for both circle-time reading and spurring class projects."  Publishers Weekly

If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur

If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur
asks an unusual question. What if you happened to have a full-grown dinosaur lying around in your living room? Doing absolutely nothing? What could you do to make that dinosaur useful?

As a matter of fact, quite a lot. Just think outside the box, and you'll see that a dinosaur might make an excellent can opener. Or a nut-cracker. Or a potato masher. Can you imagine how it might work as a diving board? It would definitely come in handy as a burglar alarm. There are plenty of uses for a dinosaur in this book . . . and even more for a creative young reader to dream up afterwards! If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur is published by Tundra books and illustrated by Colin Jack, whose sketch of dinosaur-as-umbrella provided the inspiration.

"This playful picture book encourages children to contemplate the 'oodles of things you can do with a dinosaur' through a subtly ironic narrative that speaks directly to them."  Booklist

"There arenít many books that have the courage to be this silly. Simply wonderful!"  Globe & Mail

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