Seven Dead Pirates
cover by Dan Holst Soelberg
published by Tundra Books

The hero of Seven Dead Pirates is 11-year-old Lewis Dearborn. Lonely, "terminally shy" and fussed over constantly by overprotective parents, he's a bit of a wreck. But when his family inherits a ramshackle old mansion by the sea, Lewis's life changes abruptly. He claims a romantic, isolated tower for his bedroom and moves in, not knowing that the room is already occupied by seven dead pirates! Not only that, the ghosts expect him to help them recover their ship, now restored in a local museum. Lewis is sure he's the last boy on earth to lead such a mission . . .


"Piratical fun well-stocked with colorful cast members, living and arrghh!"  Kirkus (starred review)

"This rollicking tale moves apace with a vivid setting, surprising depth, great humor, and memorable characters . . . don't miss this treasure of a middle-grade yarn."  School Library Journal (starred review)

"Bailey expertly taps into the anxieties that ferment during the back-to-school season in this touching and hilarious ghost story."  National Post

"At times earnest, at times playful, and always infused with the power of imagination, Seven Dead Pirates is a rollicking and exciting story that will entertain and enlighten in equal amounts.
CM Magazine

© Linda Bailey, 2007
© Art by Bill Slavin, 2007